Tailor-made web application for the management of delivery company..

Workstation controlls the entire operational flows in a delivery company. From order entry to client, the payment settlement workstation works as as systematic operator. Workstation is very much rich in functionalities such as role-based, unlimited users, easy order entry and delivery allocation, simple steps of shipment and payment processing etc.

Workstation includes the following main modules such as operations, tracking, store process, follow-up, bulk order, messaging, accounting, HR, Reporting, and Approvals etc. Each modules are highly functional and customizable based on the logical needs. Ainsoft providing wide range of reports with good percentage of requirement adaption.

Exclusive Features

Ainsoft Delivery Workstation highly focused on dedicated user-friendly features..

Order Management

It handles the order in-out process starting from order booking or order upload. Excel upload is available for quicker the data upload. Also portals and apps are available to book order from client side.

Store Management

Store management is used to track in-out movement of parcel to store. It will help to the store keepers, to done their job easily and also available bulk and single store operations.

Delivery Management

Delivery allocation and delivery jobs are the main focused areas in the delivery industry. We have exclusive modules to handle their tasks very easily and faster. One click allocation also available in later versions..

Shipping Management

Both work station and driver app can do the shipment updations based on the delivery. Each delivery updations, their will be history updations, tracking, auto SMS and notifications to make sure the process is live. Each shipment will generate the income and expenses for the operaional reports.

Client Management

Managing clients can be easily done through workstation. When clients login and performing a task, the work station will catch and also admin can suspend or block the clients at any time.


Getting order history is very important in delivery management. We are keeping all order related histories, and giving you reports based on orders to track the operations and operators.


While delivery follow-up team can be use the follow-up modules to follow-up each orders to make sure their is no mistakes from delivry person. Multiple follow-up options are available on this module.


Ainsoft giving you two kinds of accountiong modules. One is automatic linked with operations and another one is mannual accounting. Both automatic and mannual mode can be uses based on the company needs.


Automatic and mannual messaging are available on ainsoft delivery. Both SMS and Emails are connected, and also push-notifications are available based on the versions. Automatic SMS configuration is an exclusive feature that allows system to send SMS automatically when there is a change in order flow.

API Integration

Ainsoft Delivery giving you wide range of integrations with third-party tools and the ecommerce. We have API's and dedicated support to integrate our delivery management software to any platform.

Driver Live Tracking

Ainsoft introducing a seperate device for the driver live tracking. The device can be plug on the vehicle to get the exact delivery location. In app, tracking also available based on the particular limited operations.


Ainsoft Delivery consist of dynamic master configurations that will help to the companies to setup the base data and operational data based on the needs and friendly terms.

Dynamic Expense

Ainsoft Delivery Software having expense management modules that will helps to manage the expenses in dynamically and automatically. The major expensed areas are operational company expense, driver expense, and account based expense etc.

Driver Commission

In Ainsoft Delivery Software, commission of drivers can easily handle with one time configuration. No mannual efforts required to calculate drivers delivery and pickup commissions. You will get date-wise reports automatically.


HR module added on latest versions, it will help the company to manage thier employees Salary, fine amount and advance etc. All HR operations are connected with accounting.

Order Tracking

Different kind of order tracking available with single and bulk tracking features. You can track orders by voucher-wise, customer-wise, client-wise etc and it will give you complete logs of the order.